Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Home Purchase Process

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We frequently get asked questions, and then see frequent misconceptions, about the home buying process. Yes, it is a process, which can be as slow and painful or quick and efficient as your chosen agent facilitates it.

At the Tim Bathurst Team, we believe an agents obligation is not only to represent you in a transaction, but to educate and keep you informed about the process. Regardless of the market, customer service is a universal expectation to us.

Check out the timeline below. How was your experience in your last sale or purchase of a home?

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Real Estate News! Hear all about it!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

A Little History Lesson About Queen Village

Like most neighborhoods in Philadelphia, just from stopping and looking around, you can feel the history in Queen Village. Below is just the excerpt from Wikipedia.... so many things we didn't know! Read and pass this along today and give your peers a little history lesson. Our city is quite the melting pot of history and cultures.

Queen Village

Queen Village is a neighborhood in the South Philadelphia section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, just south of the Center City district. It is bounded approximately by South Street to the north, Washington Avenue to the south, the Delaware River to the east, and 6th Street to the west.
It is south of the Society Hill neighborhood and east of the Bella Vista neighborhood.

As written by Steve Sitarski, Queen Village resident and Chief of Interpretation & Visitor Services at Independence National Historical Park.

Long before William Penn and the founding of Philadelphia, Swedish settlers arrived in 1638 at a place the local Lenni Lenape Indian tribe called Wiccaco, which means "pleasant place."
The early Swedes established Fort Christina (now Wilmington, Delaware) and settled along the river as far north as present day Trenton, New Jersey. Their leader, Governor Johan Pritz, declared the area New Sweden. These early colonists maintained good relations with the Indians, showing exceptional friendliness and respect to their neighbors.
The local river front was lined with an impressive grove of large beech, elm and buttonwood trees. Nearby meadows were populated with elk, deer and beaver, providing pelts for the fur trade. The area now known as Queen Village was originally owned by the Swedish family of Sven, whose log house stood on a knoll overlooking the river at what is now the NW corner of Beck & Swanson Streets. The one and a half story wooden structure had a large garden with various fruit trees. An inlet of water from the Delaware River allowed small boats to dock in front. The British Army used the wood from the house as fuel during the Revolutionary War.
The Dutch briefly claimed control, but the land was quickly ceded to the British. The King of England granted a land charter for what is now Pennsylvania to William Penn, who founded the city of Philadelphia in 1682 (just north of present day Queen Village).
Wiccaco changed little during the 17th century. The original Swedish settlement had few homes and much of their land remained a wilderness, except for a couple of small farms. One notable exception was Gloria Dei (Old Swedes™) Church. Completed in 1700, the impressive brick church between Christian Street and Washington Avenue is constructed in the Flemish bond style with alternating red and black header bricks. After serving as the Swedish Lutheran Church for more than 150 years, it has been a part of the Episcopal Church since 1845 and is the oldest church in Pennsylvania.
William Penn decided to change the name of “Wiccaco” to Southwark, after a similarly situated neighborhood on the south bank of the Thames in London.
In the late 1970′s, Southwark was renamed Queen Village after Queen Christina of Sweden, to recognize her role in promoting the original settlements.
The principal development of the area occurred in the 18th century and was heavily tied to commercial activity along the Delaware River. Ship builders, rope and sail makers, sailors, dock workers, carpenters, and craftsmen were among the early residents of the neighborhood.
Southwark did not officially become part of Philadelphia until 1854, when the Act of Consolidation was passed.
(from Wikipedia)

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Resident of Queen Village? Get Involved, Come Learn!

The Queen Village Neighbors Association (QVNA) is holding their monthly meeting this coming Thursday, May 16th.

All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend! There will be guest speakers to speak on various topics. New to the neighborhood? This is a great way to get involved and meet your neighbors!

When: Thursday, May 16th 7:30pm-9pm
Where: 218 Queen St., Philadelphia, 19147
Venue: St. Philip Neri Church, ground floor community room

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Weather Is So Fine... Come out and LOVE Our Parks This SATURDAY!

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Courtesy of QVNA (Queen Village Neighborhood Association):

Get outside, meet your neighbors and do a good deed all at the same time!

Queen Village is fortunate enough to have a group of dedicated volunteers who help maintain all of our green spaces.  Saturday, May 11, is Love Your Park Day, sponsored by Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and the Fairmount Park Conservancy

  • Mario Lanza Park (200 block between Catharine and Queen Streets) - Friends of Mario Lanza Park will be at the park from 9am – 1pm.  Join us for a bit of  weeding and seeding, spreading mulch or sweeping up. Kids welcome and teens,  get those volunteer hours in!  Please spread the word and invite friends, we need more than help than usual because a couple of our regulars are away.  This is a great opportunity to meet neighbors and enjoy the outdoors.  Please show up for an hour or two. As a bonus coffee and donuts will be served, courtesy of Java Cafe.
  • Moyamensing Point (Christian and Moyamensing at 2nd) - The Friends of Moyamensing Point will be out in force doing weeding–all welcome!
  • Shot Tower Playground (100 block of Carpenter Street) - Show the Shot Tower Playground a little love by helping your neighbors clean up the playground. We’ll provide shovels, garbage bags, wheel barrels, flowers, and compost.  Our “clean up” plan involves planting annuals in containers, placing compost around all of the trees, and giving the large blue garbage cans a new coat of paint.  Be sure to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Weccacoe Playground (400 block between Catharine and Queen Streets)  - 9 a.m. – 1 pm - Come meet your friends and neighbors, bring your children, and help in the spring cleaning of the playground!

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Discover the Oldest Neighborhood in Philadelphia Tomorrow 5/4!


"Explore your own neighborhood (and Philadelphia’s oldest) in a self-guided walking tour, featuring a range of beautifully restored and renovated houses and styles, from 18th century trinities to 21st century homes, traditional to contemporary. Hidden courtyards await you as well, along with two historic churches and two community gardens. The tour raises funds for QVNA projects in addition to being a delightful community event. Complimentary light refreshments are served and restrooms are available. Tickets are $25. Advance ticket purchase is suggested. Wear comfortable walking shoes. Tour takes place rain or shine (and it looks like plenty of shine on Saturday). All sales are final. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit www.qvna.org or contact QVNA by calling (215) 339-0975, e-mailing info@qvna.org, or directly through Event Brite http://qvhousetour.eventbrite.com/ Tickets may also be purchased the day of the tour at historic Old Swedes’ (Glora Dei) Church) Christian and Water Street (the starting point of the tour)."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Week One In Queen Village

I woke up today excited about the prospect of going to Queen Village and learning as much as I can about this fabulous section of Philadelphia. I arrived around 12:30 pm and previewed some houses. It's been awhile since I have previewed real estate and I underestimated how many houses I could see in an hour. Normally, I show properties to buyers and don't previw on my own. Next week I know I will see more homes for sale.

I looked at 4 properties and really liked two of them. My favorite was the Trinity on 3rd Street. I am not sure I would ever live in a Trinity, but I love looking at them...so quaint. After previewing, I spent the next hour or so driving up and down the streets of Queen Village. It is wonderfully diverse.

I ended up at Red Hook Coffee and Tea, which is a great little coffee shop on Fabric Row. I enjoyed a latte, met the barista named Mackenzie, and passed the time setting up this blog. A great start to a great journey...plus I learned the word barista as I googled for local coffee shops. Shout out to Mackenzie. Thanks for a great cup of coffee!