Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Week One In Queen Village

I woke up today excited about the prospect of going to Queen Village and learning as much as I can about this fabulous section of Philadelphia. I arrived around 12:30 pm and previewed some houses. It's been awhile since I have previewed real estate and I underestimated how many houses I could see in an hour. Normally, I show properties to buyers and don't previw on my own. Next week I know I will see more homes for sale.

I looked at 4 properties and really liked two of them. My favorite was the Trinity on 3rd Street. I am not sure I would ever live in a Trinity, but I love looking at quaint. After previewing, I spent the next hour or so driving up and down the streets of Queen Village. It is wonderfully diverse.

I ended up at Red Hook Coffee and Tea, which is a great little coffee shop on Fabric Row. I enjoyed a latte, met the barista named Mackenzie, and passed the time setting up this blog. A great start to a great I learned the word barista as I googled for local coffee shops. Shout out to Mackenzie. Thanks for a great cup of coffee!

Discovering Queen Village

In an effort to create more business for my Real Estate Career and just have fun hanging out in a cool part of town, I dedicated myself to discovering as much about the Queen Village section of Philadelphia as possible. This blog is created to journal my experiences in Queen Village. Each Wednesday afternoon, I will visit this fabulous section of the city. I will preview houses, hangout at local hotspots and enjoy meeting the people who live and work there.